A note about the movie Ringu — the Japanese version from 1998. I’ve watched it gradually over six or seven nights, maybe twenty minutes per night, after I get my evening work done, to chill out a little before I turn in. The movie is spooky and has some proper startling moments. But I was most surprised, in a good way, by the absence of contrived romance. It’s a journalist and her ex-husband investigating a ghost who is going to kill them in a week unless they do something. I won’t spoil it for you, but it’s good. There’s no clunky romantic subplot. They are divorced and they both act like grownups, even under great stress. They are competent. Instead of making out, or ever teetering on the verge of making out, they instead conduct a sensible (and brave) investigation. It is an honorable movie . . . that’s the word for it . . . honorable. The movie respects the viewer, and so I respect the movie and it is one I might go back to one day. Recommended. #movies #Japan #ringu

p.s. Watch it alone in your darkened office. Nothing will happen and you will be perfectly safe. Furthermore you will sleep just fine. Well, good evening.