Friends, just a little warning. I’m going to phase out my Facebook account, for a few reasons, perhaps chief among them being privacy. I would like to be slightly less easy to locate. Not that I have illusions about privacy anymore.

I am also concerned that FB continues to play gracious host to vile propaganda — the same old warlike stuff that has been kicking around for centuries, the usual blunt relentless mechanisms for forcing a psychopathic minority into power, and keeping them there, with the usual oppressions hammered down on people who deserve them least.

(Been re-reading T. H. White — the same methods of propaganda have been used for millennia, because they are sure-fire. Descriptions of propaganda in the English Middle Ages are entirely familiar. Nothing has changed. It has no need to change. It works very well, everywhere. The only inoculation I have ever come up with is to read books to children, as consistently and as early as possible; and keep them away from screens.)

I’m not keen about being on Twitter, either; I think Twitter makes us into little, clicking automatons cycling through phases of profitable outrage — profitable to Twitter, not to us. Our blood pressure, Twitter’s money.

I know most of you half (or less) as well as I would like to. Please do keep in contact with me, at where I might as well begin to post more of my nonsense; or on Twitter: @EricBourland

I’m not vanishing *instantly*, like Baggins from his birthday party; but in the coming month or so. If I become a grayed out silhouette in your friends list, you will know the reason why. Just wanted to give a little warning, in a manner I hope is useful and professional and undramatic. Drop a message to me if you would like my email address. Thank you.