1. there are people in my life too young to be vaccinated

2. and people who are old and more vulnerable

3. and immunocompromised (eg. fighting cancer)

4. because that crap is airborne

5. and has already killed a bunch of people

6. and keeps mutating because people refuse masks and vaccinations

7. because I’d rather be respectful than defensive and sarcastic

8. I choose to be a responsible adult rather than an angry child

9. I’ve listened to the medical doctors and MPHs

10. and there are people counting on me.

Remember when it was considered polite to wear a mask in public if you caught a cold? I used to do that; still do. Watch out for propaganda, OK? Know its telltale signs: shrill anger, for example.

The young judge who made the mask ruling, appointed by the former guy, is unqualified to contravene sensible health guidelines.

Here’s to your good health, friends.