Stories by E. A. Bourland

These stories are works of fiction. Their copyright belongs to E. A. Bourland. Enjoy them!

The Scent of a Goddess

“The people’s new prosperity served to reinforce, rather than disperse, the sarcastic tone of their conversation. Having secured comfort, they had more time in which to tear each other with gibes. Observing this state of affairs, King Sarapis decided to outlaw sarcasm, and named prominent satirists whom he would have crucified.”

Published by the Satirist, December 30th, 2020

The deity Isis or Aset with papyrus staff, ankh, and plumed sun-headdress. Ink on papyrus. Source: author's library.

The Chef of the Great Emperor Djoser

“. . . a story of a master chef who remembered, nearly too late and at risk of his life, his passionate love for his wife.”

Published by the Satirist, May 17, 2021

Two Ducks Flying Over a Papyrus. Source: author's library.

From a Series of Codices Painted on Deer-Skins, Which Were Found in the Forest

“The woman stood over him. The flesh of her jaw had been torn away. He could not speak, but she knew his mind, and in a voice like a wind she commanded him to go deeper into the mountains and live in exile, for he must never see his home again. Then she said that humankind would never do better than to wage endless war. She said magic was false; love was the enemy of sleep; and gold was poison. She said no map would help him and he must go.”

Published by the Satirist, July 18, 2021

Three Peaches on a Table, photograph by E. A. Bourland