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Black lives matter. Women are people. Science is real. Read books to children. Teach real history. Fight for voting rights. Dismantle patriarchy. Dismantle rape culture. Dismantle white supremacy. Constrain capitalism. Keep religion out of government. Separate church and state. Pay reparations for centuries of slavery. Restore stolen lands. Stand up to bullies. Respect veterans. This is not radical. This is the least a civilized society can do. – EB

Advice on writing fiction

Think of an interesting story you will enjoy telling. Make a plan for your story and mend the plan as you go. Have at least one likeable character. Villains can be likeable. Each character needs a distinct voice. Characters should learn. Build characters, not worlds....

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Lazy words

amazing, astonishing, astounding, awesome, and so on let me decide for myself if something is amazing amazing means you stand and stare at something, not necessarily because it’s neato breathtaking brilliant chilling effervescent egregious . . . this word means “out...

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