At the Planned Parenthood Clinic around the corner, deranged protesters sometimes gather. Today, two older ladies stood at the very edge of the PP front door steps, gray-robed, grim-faced, dangling crosses, quivering with programmed rage. They were staring down two defenders at the PP front doors.

The defenders: young, female, orange safety vests, looking slightly unnerved but holding their ground. Clear sky, sweet late summer day in DC. I walk by and give the defenders a cheerful wave and a thumbs up. On the way back, the two wrathful aggressors are still standing there, on the PP property I notice.

Smiling I approach the defenders, who recognize me. I offer coffee and such. “Hey, thank you for doing this. You folks want some coffee or something? Some donuts or a sandwich? I can go get . . .” One defender, she looks around age 20, comes over and politely declines. “We’re getting off soon anyway.”

She looks harried. She is being actively bullied by the two aggressors. I thank her again, shoot a withering look at the aggressors (ignored), and carry on. And this is a common occurrence in my neighborhood. I’ve shouted down protesters outside the clinic at least twice. They back down. Bullies are always cowards.

When I have more free time, I’m going to become one of those defenders standing on those PP front steps, completely unafraid and undeterred. For now, I give a monthly donation. We must defend women’s freedoms — all freedoms, for all women — or we are not worthy to exist as a civilization. #PlannedParenthood